Property Management Services

We all know that owning rentals in South Florida is much more challenging today than it was in the past. Our privately owned and operated firm, BARTONSHAW Property Management is a full service property management and real estate company. Whether you own one rental or twenty income properties, we will provide you with a level of service and real estate expertise that will help your financial bottom line as well as your peace of mind. It is our goal to maximize your positive cash flow. We do this by using our extensive network of economical and reliable repair vendors to maintain our client’s property. 


We provide our customers with content-rich listings in an easy-to-ready format.


Property price estimates and sales histories are updated with the latest information.


Our management team will keep work closely with you and will always be available to you.


Our team is always up-to-date on the latest market research, enabling them to assist you thoroughly.

What to do First?

If you are losing sleep dealing with rental property, if you aren’t receiving your monthly rent, if you are fielding calls from tenants instead of spending time with family and friends, or if you are new to owning a rental or investment property let us help.  

We’d love to sit down with you for a free 15 minute consultation. We can answer any questions you have and explain how we can help.  

Best of all, after we talk if you are confident in our abilities, you can get us started and you don’t pay a penny until we’ve done what we promised and started making you money. 

Fees & Charges

Property Management

We have several services available to fit the needs of any rental owner.  You can pick and choose which services you need us to handle for you.  Our fees are competitive in the market place; we charge a small percentage of the monthly rent as a management fee.  Our leasing program’s fee to find and place a qualified tenant is one month’s rent.  You won’t encounter surprise fees like, administrative fees, vacancy fees or advertising fees with our service. We work for just a flat percentage of rents collected. Best of all, we only get paid when we pay you.

Bill Pay Services

We will perform a Bill Pay Service at no charge.  We can manage the paying of bills related to clients’ properties out of their rental revenue and we provide our clients a monthly income statement detailing their properties’ performance for the month.  These reports, along with profit checks, are sent out each month, reflecting all of the month’s activities regarding the property on a cash basis. 

Walk-Through Services

We can perform a Walk-Through Service and Security Deposit Service.  This provides the landlord with a sense of security for recovering damages incurred by the tenant.  This service provides you with electronic backup of at least 50 photographs of your property and all legal documents.  These services also include all notices required per Florida Statutes to make a claim on a security deposit, and assistance in filing damage claims that might exceed the actual security deposit. 

Repair services

BARTONSHAW Property Management does not have an in house team for repairs, we work with 3rd party certified contractor or handyman. That means we don’t make money on home repairs. Every contractor or handyman we work with has been hand selected based on the quality of their work. We deal with this daily so we know what repairs should cost and how long they will take to complete. We obtain competitive bids and consult with you prior to any major repairs.  We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to respond to emergencies.

Expense Reduction Service

We will perform an Expense Reduction Service that will lower all your current property’s expenses.  This will allow you to maximize income on your property investments. Fees are based on your total savings for the yearly service.  This works on all property expenses, including, but not limited to, Lawn service, Pool service, Sprinkler service, Insurances Policies etc.


  • Management fees apply only when rent is collected. 
  • We do not charge management fees when your property is vacant.
  • We do not charge owners or tenants administrative fees to oversee maintenance repairs.
  • We do not charge a lease renewal fee to renew a lease with the current tenant.

Your success is important to us.  Therefore, we only get paid when you get paid.